Why No Cash on Delivery!

We have decided not offer COD, primarily due to the rise in fraudulent returns. High returns which also results in affecting our loyal customer base by increase in price of products by our vendors due to high operational cost.  Thus, we have decided to hold COD until further notice.
  1. Return Frauds: Customers order products with no intention of receiving them, often returning them. In some cases, returned products are damaged, used, or replaced with counterfeit items.
  2. Fake Orders: Some customers place orders with fake addresses or refuse to accept the package upon delivery, causing unnecessary logistical costs.
  3. Increased Operational Costs: Handling returns involves reverse logistics, additional packaging, quality checks, and restocking, which substantially increase operational expenses.

Impact on Consumer Brands

Fraudulent returns and fake orders significantly impact e-commerce businesses in multiple ways:

  1. Increased Operational Costs: The process of handling returns, restocking, and managing inventory requires additional resources and labor, driving up operational costs.
  2. Higher Product Prices: To cover the losses incurred from fraudulent returns and increased operational costs, businesses often have to raise their product prices, affecting all customers, including the trustworthy ones.
  3. Inventory Management Issues: Frequent returns complicate inventory management, leading to overstock or stock shortages.
  4. Resource Drain: Time and effort spent on managing returns could be better utilized in improving customer service and expanding product lines.

To continue offering you the best products and services, we encourage you to use our secure online payment gateways, Phone Pe & Razor Pay with multiple payment options!